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Tuesday, September 27, 2016



After the death of pensioners, the widows under go lots of hardship in
Getting their pension commenced.
There are two types:
1.     Endorsement of Family pension already done.
2.     Part II order published for Marriage but Endorsement of
     family pension not done- Pre 1985 retirees.
In the case of  Endorsement Existing:
1.     The pension account is converted to Joint A/C with spouse.
2.      No joint account done.

As per pension Rules, where the Joint notification and Joint a/c is
existing, on death of a pensioner, the pension may be disbursed to the
Widow  after obtaining  the death certificate, Non –marriage and undertaking certificates.

But what is happening, even after submitting the certificates, it takes
Months together for commencement.  The Paying branch receives the Documents and forward it to their CPPC.  CPPC takes their own time for Updating  their DATA punching  and so on. Till the time,
The widows are with out pension and income and facing the financial Hardship.
In some cases, as per Hindu religion,  the widows are not allowed to come out from home for about 40days, then they run here and there for their pension.
The delay is due to both side of Bank as well as the widows.
Not only this, the widow has to run pillar to post for getting
Death Certificate, Legal heir certificate and Non-Marriage certificate from Municipality and Revenue Departments.

As we understand that ,to commence Family pension, it takes about
Not less than 3 months .

In some cases, the documents submitted to the paying branch  is misplaced at the Branch or CPPC and no disbursement of pension
. After repeated reminders, the widows are advised to forward  once more the documents, thus the delay.
In one case, due to this delay from all the sides, the CPPC now says
that the claim has crossed more than a year and  a Fresh order has to come from CDA, then only they can  disburse the pension.
The widows are advised to write to CDA for getting Fresh PPO.
We all know how much time the CDA takes for issuing PPO.

All the above facts are for those -  the Endorsement and Joint A/C is

It is more difficult for those for whom there is no Part II order for Marriage and no Endorsement for family pension and No joint A/c..

These are the Hardships faced by the widows for getting their pension  due to the inaction by the pensioners and the Banks.

We request all veteran brothers to convert your Pension single account into Joint account with your spouse with out delay to avoid the hardship to your spouse in the later date.

All our veteran Associations  and Organisations are requested  to
Educate  /  inform the veterans on their  Annual meetings and other gatherings about this happenings..GUIDE AND HELP THEM.

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