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Wednesday, August 1, 2012



 Smt.Vela Thangammal  W/o Sep.Lakshmana Nadar   - 93 yrs old.

                           LIBERALISED FAMILY PENSION

Dear Veteran brothers,

On our visits to villages and on verification of PPOs and interactions with the widows, we came to know that most of the Pre-1996 War widows are getting Ordinary family pension only. Hence the need to publish about the Liberalised family Pension.


Liberalised Family pension ( LFP) will be sanctioned to the Next of Kin of a PBOR who is killed in WAR or WAR like activities. Ie died during
a)     In action in International war.
b)    Action against deployment with a peace keeping mission abroad.
c)     Boarder skirmishes
d)    During laying or clearance of mines including  those laid by enemy
e)     In action against hostile, militants,  en route to operational areas.
f)      Killed by militants after kidnapping
This benefit is given to NOK  of PBOR killed in all war like operations from 1947-48 onwards.
LFP came in to existence from 01-02-1972 onwards.

PPOs for Liberalised pension  will bear the Nos. as  F/BC series.( BC stands for Battle causality )  eg. F/BC/ 4377/1982 , also F/WAR/ 1949 some times
 F/TI/ 163/1949.

The award is granted to spouse  first and after her demise it goes to children seniority wise .  If the PBOR was not survived with wife or children, then it is granted to Mother as first recipient.

The Rate of LFP is the last pay drawn by the deceased.  For example
For a  Sepoy,   Say Group-H,  it was Rs.2920 a s per V th Pay commission CDA Cir 282.
And as per VI th PC, it is 9200/- CDA cir 456.
The Rate varies according to Ranks and Group- Pl.Ref CDA Cir 456.Table-3

If the first recipient dies with in 7 years from the date of death PBOR, then the Second awardees  will be paid at the same rate  till the period of  7 years completed , then the Rate will be reduced as second award..

This LFP is also granted for the benefits of the entire family members.  If the widow does  not support her Mother-in Law, then the competent authorities may dived the pension in such a Ratio as deemed fit


If the first recipient (other than parent)dies, the LFP will be granted to the eligible beneficiary as Second Award at the Rate of 60% of LFP rate i.e at present 9200*60%=5520/- The PPO will be issued with No; F/BC/ 4377/ 1999 –Second award.  Just seeing the number alone we should not consider as it LFP first award..

Our Trust identified 3 such cases  and with sincere efforts by corresponding with respective Banks, record Offices and the CDA  and got their pension revised as Rs.2920/  with effect from 1-1-1996 and Rs.9200 from 1-1-2006 and got them an arrears of Rs.10lacs plus in their very old age. All the three war widows are above 85 years of age, one is 93 yrs. 
1.     Smt.Maruthi  w/o Late Sep- Muthu Myan—F/BC/219/1962,   Kalingapatti  -TN ( widow -92yrs now expired)
2.     Smt.Vela Thangammal(93yrs)  W/O Sep Lakshman Nadar, F/WAR/1930/   F/TI/ 473/1962     ,  Arumuganeri-TN
3.     Smt.Krishnammal ( 87yrs)  M/O Late Sep.Muniandi,F/4080/1965, F/BC/9732/1972 AND F/BC/4733/1982,  Srivilliputtur-TN
Our Welfare Trust sincerely appeal to all ESM organizations and Veterans to verify the PPOs of the widow pensioners in your areas and confirm that they being paid their legitimate pension. That will be a great service to WAR widows in the fag end of their life.

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  1. Sirs, You are doing yeoman service for welfare of exseervicemen community. May God bless you all with Good Health and Long Life.
    Yours faithfully
    Tukaram V Manerajurikar
    Ex-Sgt, 646160, Clk/PA