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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


 Our Managing Trustee Sgt.R.Chellappa is addressing the Gathering of veteran and families about the different types of Family pension and requesting all to help the eligible widows. .

     Some of the special family pensioners in the meeting.

Family pension is granted to the NOK of PBOR  after their death  in service or after discharge from service.

Most of the veterans,   including the Bankers  are  not aware of different types of family pension. They feel that family pension means only the minimum of Rs.3,500/- whatever may be the type of family pension and the Rank and Group  the pensioner was holding.

One should know the different types of Family  pensions.

ORDINARY FAMILY PENSION  ; This will be denoted in PPO by  : eg.   F/ NA/ 234/ 1999( Not attributed to service)

There are two types in that;

Enhanced rate of Family pension

Normal Rate of family pension.
A.     .SPECIAL FAMILY PENSION:  Will be denoted by  : eg.  F/ 234/1999-   (Only ‘F’)

There are Two types.
1.      Special Family pension- 
2.      Special Family pension Second Award.  This is 50% of first award.

B.      LIBERALISED FAMILY PENSION: WILL BE DENOTED BY  F/ BC/ 234/1999 OR F/WAR/234/1999  some time  F/ TI/ 234/1999..
All these PPO numbers denote that these are Liberalised family pension.
Here also two types.
1.Liberalised Family pension
2. Liberalised Family pension-Second award-  this is 60% of first award.


Special Family pension is sanctioned to the Next of Kin of the PBOR whose death is attributed to  or aggravated to Military service conditions. It may occur during service or after discharge from service.

Special Family pension is also granted when a Disability pensioner dies before or within  7 yrs of discharge/ Invalidment, subject to fulfillment of certain conditions- Death due to accident or suicide after discharge is not eligible.
If a disability death occurs after discharge,  the  NOK has to intimate the cause of death with Medical/ postmortem report to Record office and claim for Special Family pension. The RO will forward the claim to CDA and the Sanctioning authorities will sanction Special Family pension if the conditions are fulfilled otherwise only ordinary family pension..

Special Family pension is calculated at uniform Rate of 60% of reckonable emolument  subject to a minimum of Rs.2550 w.e.f 1-1-96 and Rs.7000/ w.e.f 1-1-2006.(CDA cir 282 and 410,456) This rate varies according to Rank and Group. It is granted for life.

The Special family pension is granted to Spouse first, then eligible child in the same Rate, and after these  both , it is granted to the Dependent Parent as  second award.  In case if there is no spouse or child , the first award will go to the Mother as first award.

NOTE: Special Family pension is granted for the benefit of Entire family. Therefore, if the recipient does not support other dependant family members, the competent Authorities may at their discretion divide the Special Family pension in such a Ratio as deemed fit.

For example:
If the widow in receipt of SFP, does not support the dependent Mother-in Law, the competent authority  after through enquiry may divide the SFP between the widow and the Mother-in Law in the Ratio of 50 : 50 .  Then , after the death of mother-in-Law, the 50 will be restored back to the widow.

Re-marriage of widow will not be a disqualification  and the widow will continue to be the recipient of Special Family pension, provided she supports  the Child/ Children born to veteran, the previous marriage.

Second Life award of Special Family pension is sanctioned to the Parents of PBOR, i.e  after the death of original recipient  and in the absence of  eligible Children . There after,   it will go to the eligible brothers/ Sisters  up to certain period as per rule. The claimant has to represent the case . This has to be sanctioned by the Pension Sanctioning Authority , the CDA.

The Rate of Second award of SFP is 50 % of the first award. Eg. If the first award was 2550, second award is 1275  and if  7000, then the second will be 3500/-.
For Rates of Special Family pension for different ranks and Groups (PBOR).
Please  refer - Table-3 of CDA cir No: 456.Col.9 & 11 and 13 &15

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