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A guide book on Defence Pension (in Tamil) Released on 03.01.2016. Contact: Exwel Trust, 15G Military Lines, Samathanapuram, Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli 627002. Cost of Ten Books Rs.1500/- (including courier charges) Phone:9894152959.&

Monday, April 25, 2016


1.      Now that OROP arrears have been paid to most of the Defence pensioners, except some aged pensioners and many family pensioners because of the non-availability of certain particulars with the bank.  The only remedy is to send the available documents to the Bank with the requisition for payment immediately.
2.      The requirement of 33years service for full pension has been de-linked by a supreme court judgment.  As a result all defence pensioners will get arrears for the difference between full pension and pro-rata pension from 1.1.2006 to 30.6.2014.  Orders are awaited from MOD.
3.      DA for Central Govt. pensioners including Defence pensioners have been increased from 119% to 125% w.e.f. 1.1.2016.  Some banks have paid arrears of DA.  Others will pay along with April 2016 pension.
4.      All pensioners who have fixed deposit in Banks should submit Form 15H (for 60 years and above) and Form 15G (for others) to avoid Tax Deduction at source, if your income is within the slab.  They should also submit a copy of the PAN card to the bank.  If not, the bank will deduct 20% Tax on your entire annual pension.  Afterwards, it will be difficult to get refund.
5.      Those who are drawing pension from SBI can get the OROP arrear calculation sheet on request with their pension paying branch.
6.      If you are a pre1985 retiree, make sure you have done endorsement of family pension.  If not do it immediately.
7.      If you re-employed and retired from central government departments and drawing civil pension, please keep your last pay certificate and civil pension order ready for calculation 50% arrears.
8.      Single ladies, who are drawing two family pensions (one from Defence and one from Central Civil) and whose husbands died during the period 1.1.2006 to 30.6.2014 are also eligible for 50% pension arrears partially in their husbands pension and partially in their family pension.  Be vigilant.  Keep the records ready.
9.      All defence pensioners can keep their pension account jointly with their spouses under E or S basis.  If not please submit nomination immediately.
  SOI: Indianexserviceman blog.  Sincere thanks for this valuable informations.

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