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Monday, February 13, 2012



Signal Man (No.A5861) Muthu Mayyan was recruited in the British Indian Army on 01.10.1940 with a liability to take part immediately in overseas war theatres of the British empire.  The War came to an end with a great victory to the British empire in 1945.  The British Indian Army played a vital role for this great victory. 

But Signal Man Muthu Mayyam, never came back after the War.  His whereabouts not known.  It was only on 01.11.1948, (After the Independence) the then Signals records confirmed that the Signalman Muthu Mayyan presumed dead as on 01.11.1948.  Thereafter, the independent India released a Scroll of honour ( The Scroll of honour with Ashok Chakra  is given below) and sanctioned Liberalised Family pension to the widow Smt.Maruthi with a PPO No.F/W/1939 (CA)83093 w.e.f. 01.01.1950 with a monthly pension of Rs.8 for self and Rs.4 p.m. as children allowance.

From 01.01.1950 to 27.12.2012 for more than 62 years, the widow lived with whatever pension paid by the Bank.  During these 62 years, the pension hd undergone revision for more than 6 times.  Every time the OFP and LFP had undergone various changes.  But it appears that the changes have not been effected to this widow for Liberalised pension throughout this period.  There is not a single communication from the Signals record office to this widow during the past 62 years.

It was when the Exwel Trust’s Liaison Officer Sgt.S.Kandiah, while going through the pension list of the particular bank, he noticed that Smt.Maruthi, with a PPO Prefix “F/W” was getting a basic pension of Rs.3500.  Immediately the Trust members contacted the widow and the bank and verified all the records, which showed that she is a 2nd World War Liberalised Family pensioner.  She is eligible for a basic pension of Rs.9200 w.e.f. 01.01.2006 and Rs.11,040 from 20.11.2011 with 20% additional pension.

The Trust also immediately confirmed from the Signals records that she is eligible for Liberalised family pension.  The young bank Manager Mr.Papanasam was astonished to see how quickly the Trust was trying to restore  the correct pension to an aged and ailing widow.  The Manager was fully convinced over the short payment of her pension for a long period, at least from 01.01.96 and assured to restore her right pension and arrears during the life of the widow.
As promised, the Manager arranged for payment of revised pension and arrears and paid all dues just 3 days before her death on 06.01.2012.  He has done a marvelous job by preparing all documents from the bed side of the ailing widow and arranged safe deposit of the arrears to the legal heirs.

The most sorrowful part of the story is that the widow never knew that her monthly pension was Rs.17,444/- at the time of her death.  Had she known, she would have died more happily remembering her husband’s sacrifice  in the 2nd World War.  This is the condition of  most of our old family pensioners.  But for the immediate action taken by the Exwel Trust and the most sincere Manager Mr.Papanasam’s help, the widow would not have received the good amount of arrears to her legal heirs.

Dear Friends and readers of this Blog,  please help aged pensioners by listening their grievances patiently.  Verify the old documents discreetly, enquire the full story of the deceased soldier, only then you will be able to help them.

You will be surprised to know, that the we could get this good amount of arrears to the legal heirs only with a Basic knowledge that all defence family pension PPOs with prefix “F”  are Special Family Pension with a minimum pension of Rs.7000 p.m. and with with prefix F/W and F/BC are Liberalised family pension with a minimum pension of Rs.9200/-.  With this simple information, we could get arrears to many widows more than one crore during the past 3 years.  Still there are many cases hidden here and there.  We are on constant search out for these poor widows.

Recently on  26.01.2012 we have published a list of 115 widows belonging to Special category defence family pension getting less pension.  We have also estimated a total arrears of Rs.3.5 crores payable to these widows goes unnoticed by the pensioners and the bank.

I give below the link for the list.  My dear readers in Tamilnadu, please go through the list, and if you happen to know any one, kindly ask them to contact us over our mobile No.9786449036 or 9894152959 to get their correct pension and arrears.  This will be a noble service to our community.  Please do so.

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